Your Daily Dose Of Old Fords

Welcome! was set up a few years ago to provide information to likeminded Classic Ford owners. The web has changed during that time, so ClassicFords has changed. This is site about how much We adore Classic Fords. If you would like to tell us about anything to do with Classic Fords, including news, events, or even your car, please get in touch. Do you want a genuine classic? 70 Years old this year! Talk about that to us, we want same. Classic car shoppers are welcome too. Let's talk about something what is past, but still worthy every word. We are looking for knowledgeable people, people who know classic Fords inside and out. People who have worked on them, restored them, customized them, people who live them!

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01. Become an online classic Ford advocate!

Here is something you can do from the comfort of home. Work part time and become a classic Ford parts online advocate!

02.Another one stolen.

Please keep your eyes peeled for this Purple four door stolen from Romsey. It has a 2.1 litre pinto fitted plus RS2000 wheels fitted since the picture below.

03.Why Do Not They Make That Part?

One of the most common questions in classic Ford and Mercury car circles is: Why do not they make this part for my car? As a supplier and manufacturer to the aftermarket for many years, we will attempt to answer this question and shed some light on manufacturing parts for the aftermarket and classic car market